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Marcus Hiles notes that when temperatures peak and air conditioners are working overtime, traditional roofing insulation is the culprit. A home’s roof absorbs radiant energy from the sun, heating the attic and air ducts and driving up cooling costs. Hiles suggests that, instead, using highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels installed in the attic will reflect the heat, reducing up to 97 percent of transfer from the underside of the roof. “This cheap trick will keep your attic up to 30 degrees cooler,” he suggests.

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Marcus Hiles is a well-known and an esteemed real estate investor and developer. Being the CEO and owner of Western Rim Property Services, Hiles managed to find more than 15 thousand properties on the highest level. Hiles noticed that there was a strong demand for a luxurious lifestyle just waiting to be met. And he founded Western Rim Property Services in 1988 and today he is managing 15000 townhomes and apartments throughout the state. What sets this apartments and townhomes from the rest of units is the quality of the amenities and features you get for a reasonable price. More on: