Marcus Hiles had humble beginnings; he started from a middle class family and had no wealth to his name. His journey towards real estate is inspiring. He completed his graduation and masters with a dream to help his people. He came forward as a well reputed philanthropist, known for his generous donations. But his journey didn’t stop at philanthropy; he continued to grow and extend his goals and missions with the same dream. He started from scratch, built a whole company through his years and now he is the biggest real estate icon in Texas. Growth is continuous for Marcus Hiles; today he has properties worth more than $1 billion but his road has no stops.

Marcus Hiles built a company that is unique and different in its own way. Unlike other property management organizations, Western Rim handles all managements under one name. From expansion and land management to seeking out and contacting their costumers, everything is handled by the company with immense care. Marcus Hiles set such a model that completely removed the role of the third party; hence the costs reduced, making luxurious, designer made homes more affordable.

For Marcus Hiles, the improvement of lifestyle at reasonable prices was the real doorway to success. He grew his business through commendable dedication and hard work. That is the reason why is it is said that the Dallas businessman Marcus Hiles is unstoppable. He is a man of an iron will; he stuck to his motive and dream throughout his years in the industry and continues to provide amazing residential areas at reasonable prices. He began his business with his own money and assets and with strong determination and came forward as tycoon of real estate in Texas. Many people criticized his belief in selflessness; they said that empathy has no room in business. But the unstoppable businessman proved this concept wrong and continued to grow.

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